Back on the Certification path

Recently, I made the decision to return to my goal of Cisco Certification.  Between a crazy schedule at work and home it has been a struggle to find those extra hours to devote to certification study.  I have decided that this is the year that I go ahead and finish off my CCNA and complete the CCNP (route/switch).

For those interested, my study material is a mix of the following:
INE videos
Boson NetSim
Cisco Press Books
Sybex CCNA Study Guide
Cisco Learning Network
Cisco Live 365

To insure that I’m successful, I’ve blocked out time each day for studies.  It is on my daily calander and just like any other meeting, it must be done.  I’m tracking individual study topics / goals using a task management application for the iPad called “Things”.

I currently hold a CCENT, but it is finally time to buckle down and get these certifications completed.  The reason is two fold.  First, I personally would like to validate the skills that I’m using day to day as a Network Engineer.  Secondly, as I study for the exams I am constantly coming across things I either hardly use or new things that I haven’t used in my normal day to day work.  So I’m actually learning new skills or polishing up ones that don’t get used as often.

So without further delay, let me jump off here and start hitting the books.  As I move forward, I’m going to try and document as much as possible for my own review and to help anyone else who might happen to stumble upon this site.

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4 Responses

  1. Javin says:

    So, how is your studying going so far?

  2. Manny Fernandez says:

    Awesome. I too have been back in it. Ironically, It was Cisco Live that did it to me. After leaving the Orlando one in 2013, I decided right then and there that I would go back. Good luck. If you need anything, reach out to me.

  3. Bill says:

    Yes, I wish I had more free time for studying between work, home and kids. However, I’m really buckling down right now and trying to get ready for a Cisco exam at Cisco Live in May and then working on my VMware VCP.

  4. Bill says:

    As you can see from how long it took me to reply to your comment, I’ve been busy. I’m forcing myself to make scheduled time each day now to study.

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